Nov. 28th, 2008

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Had a good Thanksgiving. I had to keep my friends from overloading me with leftovers to take home. I'm glad that they gave me a lot of rolls though. THEY'RE SO GOOD.

All I bought today was a PS2 (used) and three games: Okami, Grandia 3, and Final Fantasy XII.

Haven't played Okami yet, and I couldn't the beat the first boss in G3(WTF this game is harder than the other two D=). Also played FF12 up until getting the Crescent Stone.

It's fun. I was getting a little ashamed. It took me way too long to find that fucking tomato. And then some wolves jumped me during the fight. (SCREW YOUR REAL TIME CRAP FF12 D=). I really like the settings. They're so detailed and beautiful. That FREAKING TREX WTF was also a nice touch in the desert area. D=

I decided to give another one of those bounties a try. Went to the othe desert and looked around for a little bit for something that looked like a dog. I found it. FUCKING HUGE I RAN THE HELL OUT OF THERE. Kept dying, had to revive my partner twice (so I had somebody to outrun D= )

Because I'm playing in the common area, I'm keeping the sound down so I won't bother the people watching TV, so I can't really hear the voices well sometimes. At least the game has subtitles (WHICH G3 DOESN'T *RAEG*)

Also, Consul guy's hair looks a little oily in the FMV. D=


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