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2008-08-01 11:48 am
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First week in new home

I'm just about finished with my first week at my new home. I was supposed to run around all over the place and get checked in and situated (with medical facilities and such et cetera). In my experience, this shouldn't really take more than a week. It's going to be a lot longer than that for me. I've been getting the run around all week. I keep getting told different things, different places to be, and I don't know what's going on anymore.To top all that off, my refridgerator still isn't working. I missed chow hall hours for breakfast and went to the Shoppette hoping to get some food. They don't have the regular cereal boxes, but they do have small bowls. I figured I'd get that with a small carton of milk, only to discover all they had were the small chocolate milks. Honey nut Cheerios with chocolate milk for breakfast. It wouldn't have been so bad if the chocolate hadn't been so horrible. Seriously, how do you screw up chocolate milk?! (lulz i cry moar) Oh yeah, and add the medical emergency (not mine) that happened in a first aid course. Yeah.

I'm actually pretty content and happy here. Just yesterday, I got some solid answers on my situation and things should be going more smoothly from here. But I missed an important appointment by one day and have to wait a few weeks for the next one. Perfect timing. This week would have been unbearable if everyone hadn't been so damn nice. EVERYBODY. Everybody I met was welcoming me, apologizing for the chaos (that wasn't their fault), and in general just being friendly. As nervous as I was getting here, I've managed to get used to the place in a couple of days. I salute the nice people.

I'm thinking about buying a car soon. Been looking at the Civic Coupe LX. First time buying so it will be quite an experience. But again, people have been quite helpful. Had a guy tell me to call him when I was ready and he would help me not to get scamified. Yay, nice people.

So I'm really happy right now. It doesn't hurt that it's Friday and payday.