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I occasionally see obscure anime/manga titles littered around message boards that make me laugh. Like Hayate the Combat Butler, No Bra, and Speed Grapher. I always got the impression that Speed Grapher was a cheesy racing anime or was about some hotblooded hero who defeated baddies with his awesome calligraphy skillz.

I finally saw the trailer on Funimation and decided to give it a try. For those of you who don’t know, the premise of this show is a photographer takes pictures of things and they blow up. Great anime or Greatest anime? I’ll let you decide.

Before I can get to the explosions, I have to get through the flamboyant, sadistic dancing love child of Peter Parker and Reed Richards, a  cop who's into S&M, high school girls unwillingly making out with creepy, corrupt old guys, and bitchy mothers going down on their daughter’s school nurse. What the hell? Man, I’m GLAD that I couldn’t get my laptop to work on the airplane. I don’t want people to think I watch this crap!

Among the crazy crap, I consider the two protagonists more endearing for how normal they are. The dub’s also pretty good. Christopher Sabat (when he’s not doing his gravelly DBZ voices) and Monica Rial (who normally annoys me) are both pleasant to listen to.

This anime’s done by Gonzo, and I’ve heard nothing but contempt for them. I hope I’m not disappointed down the road, because I’m not yet. If I happen to like this series all the way through and want to watch it again, then there’s a box set that’s already waiting for me. If not, then Dancing Spiderman made it all worth it to me.


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