Aug. 27th, 2008

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So 15 minutes ago, I was ready to post RAEG worthy rant about how the world hates me. I get out of a meeting, come to my room, check email, and am greeted by "Call us within one hour or we taking you 200 dollas." The household items delivery that I thought was supposed to be Friday (cuz I read 7's as 9's *bite ear*) was actually today. So I feak out, call people back, I'm told to go to the gate to meet them, I'm like "lol what I don't have car". I call moving company, they say "they should already be there", I say "no they are not." "Oh, I'll call you back." He doesn't call back, but moving truck shows up because there are other people getting their stuff. At least I don't have to feel guilty about that. 

So at least I got my stuff. My CD's and my books. Yay. So I'm finally calming down, reasoning with myself "Don't freak out about the money, you save up to prepare yourself for screwball times like this" and I'm like "Whatever, inner voice." I ask the guys about the attempted delivery charge, "Oh, that's only if we wait an hour and then leave." O_O I keep my monies!! I'm surprised that the delivery came at that time also. Right after my briefing but before I had to go to work. Teh luckies, I haz them.

But on another note, I don't think it's that big of a deal if Aaron Dismuke does't play Alphonse in the new FMA series. There are other VAs. FMA /=/ Srs bzns.

tl;dr Mar is in bad mood. Shit happens. Mar cries. Shit isn't actually that bad. Mar is happy.


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