Aug. 12th, 2008

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I always know I'm starting the week off great when I wake up and realize that my alarm never went off. And I look at my watch and realize that I was supposed to be at class thirty minutes ago. Yeah, that happened to me. I was freaked out, and managed to get there by nine o'clock.  I felt horrible. This is the first time I've ever been late for anything. I was expecting some serious punishment, but the NCO's policy is, first time late, 10 pushups for every minute you're late. I have to do 600 pushups over the next two weeks. No problem, and much preferable to any alternative that my overactive, paranoid imagination can come up with.

I had decided that I wouldn't go out walking today; however, since my cellphone alarm is a stupid piece of crap, I had to go buy a real alarm clock. I considered going to the library again, but if for some weird reason I got triple pwn'd, I was going to become an hero. I decided against the library since the walk to the store is already 30 minutes. I just wanted to go there and back. I wanted to buy a new uniform too, but the clothing sales isn't with the PX. WTF? And it was already closed too...;-;

But I got Howl's Moving Castle (book) and Speed Grapher disk 2 in the mail today, so that's good. And I have milk now. Today wasn't bad, just mildly frustrating. I'm gonna go finish watching episode 3 of Jyu Oh Sei now.


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